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      Join a network of 5500+ Volunteers and Interns since 2013     

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Why choose Aii Group?

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  • Global Impact: Contribute to positive change worldwide.

  • Safety First: Prioritizing your well-being with top-notch safety standards.

  • Affordability: Offering the most affordable options without compromising quality.

  • Notable Projects: Engage in meaningful projects across various sectors.

  • Unique Cultural Immersion: Dive into authentic experiences with complimentary activities.

  • World-wide reach: We received participants from USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, South Korea, Mongolia and Africa as well.


Choose Aii Group for an extraordinary journey of personal growth, global connection, and impactful contributions

A Legacy of 10 Years & 5500+ participants

Choose your Program


Volunteer Abroad

Checkout all the meaningful journies around the world to explore, learn and serve the needy communities. Programs available in India, Nepal, Sri-lanka, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Costa Rica.


Internship Abroad

Explore the opportunities to learn and work in real environment in start-ups, NGOs, corporations, industries, grass-root organizations. Programs available in India, Nepal, USA, Italy.

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GAP Year

Explore our integrated GAP Year programs that provides you a combination of internship, volunteering, travel and excursions, activities, adventure and fun and a lot more. Program available in India, Nepal, Sri-lanka, Gap year programs.

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Teen Travel

Explore our 14, 21 and 28 days Teen travel programs focused on learning about life and its balance through yoga and meditation, service-learning embedded with a lots of adventure, sightseeing, knowledge sessions, industrial visits and a lot more. Abailable in India, Nepal and Sri-lanka.

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Most popular programs

Ready to make a differnece?

Join our global community of over 5500 satisfied volunteers and interns since 2013. At Aii Group, we offer more than just volunteer programs; we provide transformative experiences that are safe, affordable, and deeply impactful. Immerse yourself in notable projects spanning India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, and beyond. Our commitment to your well-being is unwavering, ensuring a secure environment for your adventure. Enjoy a unique cultural immersion with complimentary Yoga, language classes, cooking sessions, and folk games, making your journey unforgettable. Your dreams of global exploration and meaningful contribution are just a click away. Visit our website now to discover the extraordinary opportunities that await you!

Updates from the Projects!

Dive into a world of meaningful impact and vibrant experiences with Aii Group! Join our passionate volunteers and interns on a journey where dreams become achievements, and life is celebrated in every moment. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cultures through dynamic workshops like Yoga, Cooking, Bollywood dance, Henna tattoo artistry, and the colorful Indian/Nepali dress exploration. But that's not all – embark on an adventure exploring the crown jewels of India, from the majestic Taj Mahal to the bustling heart of Delhi, the thrilling Camel Safaris in Pushkar, and countless other iconic destinations. Uncover the real magic of volunteerism and internships with us – where making a difference is just the beginning, and each day is a new chapter in the adventure of a lifetime!

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