July 25, 2018

Colossal, multicultural, utterly beautiful, spiritual and fascinating: these words sum up India. It’s not just a destination but an experience. However, if you are travelling to India for the first time, it can be overwhelming and daunting. Fret not! We bring you some travel tips for visiting India, which might just save your life and make your stay in India seamless, safe and super.

Know the Entry Requirements

To enter India, you need to have a valid passport, an Indian visa and a return/onward t...

July 2, 2018

A new destination to enhance young careers

Economy of India- World’s fastest growing major economy in 2015 & 2018

The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. It is the world's seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The country ranks 139th in per capita GDP (nominal) with $2,134 and 122nd in per capita GDP (PPP) with $7,783 as of 2018. After the 1991 economic liberalization, India achieved 6-7% average GDP growth annually. In FY 2015 a...

June 21, 2018

If you are willing to work as an assistant teacher and want to gain real teaching experience while working for global education mission of Aii group, you can start your meaningful journey to India!

Is it for me?

Yes, if you are enthusiastic towards education, literacy and think about the overall development of kids on a global scale, this project is for you. If just need to be sure that you have a plan to establish that suits the needs of the project and it can be discussed with our team before ar...

June 6, 2018

The situation of women from different Income groups

The status of #women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. With a decline in their status from the ancient to medieval times, to the promotion of equal rights by many reformers, their history has been eventful.

Indian society is divided into economic levels according to the annual earning that a household gets to run his/her families. The situation of women is different according to this structure of ec...

May 29, 2018

|Rahul Gupta

Interning abroad costs money – a lot of money. Most international internships are unpaid, airfare is generally not included, and students often have to arrange for their own housing.

Not to mention the cost of living in a foreign country and taking advantage of the opportunity to travel on weekends. Considering how much money it costs to intern abroad, you might think it’s not worth it. But this article isn’t meant to discourage you. Instead, this list of the top 10 benefits of interning abroad w...

May 4, 2018

|Rahul Gupta

  • Thoroughly chosen projects in India

Unless you know the needs of the projects, you won’t be able to meet the expectations and cover the needs of the organization. Aii Group analyses the needs of each program that we undertake to make sure there is minimum redundancy and each volunteer/ intern serves the right cause-to make a difference and gain experience. We take into consideration the safety and security of our foreign participants but meantime we do our best to work with the most vulner...

April 30, 2018

India-IT capital of world. As we know India is developing with a very fast growth rate. India is becoming super power and it has proved its capabilities in launching spaceship on Mars in first attempt, and placed a record globally. But even after that there are numerous challenges India is facing and need global support. Here are some where individuals and groups like you can support and assist;

  1. Education and skills: India has 487 million workers, but more than two-thirds of Indian employers...

April 28, 2018

|Rahul Gupta

After graduation, do you want to invest in a good cause and help others? Volunteering abroad is the ideal program for you! Volunteering means unpaid participation in volunteer and community service projects.

Volunteering is therefore much more than just going abroad. It brings a real social contribution to the community. At the same time, you also benefit from valuable experience and your social commitment will make you feel that you have done something useful. During your stay abroad, you h...

April 25, 2018

If you are looking for a meaningful journey this summer, you can have a look on our magnificent #volunteerabroad program in Jaipur, India. 

Here you can choose the cause you want to serve and help. We have many running social development and uplift projects in Jaipur and in Humalayas. You can choose #volunteerinJaipur or #VolunteerinHimalayas.

Here in Jaipur we can work for the following cause;

  • #teachinginIndia

  • #womenempowerment

  • #elephantcare or #elephantconservation

  • #cowshelter

  • #specialkids #care

  • #heat...

April 25, 2016

 Well! Quite important aspect to know before choosing a volunteer abroad program. The students and youth who love to do volunteer abroad they should know what other learning opportunities they are getting inclusive of their program. Because through volunteer you can connect to the projects, children, women, adults, elderly, animals or any other beneficiary, but till you don't know why, how and who are the responsible for the conditions?


Aii programs are inbuilt with cultural activities and knowl...

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Yolanda, Spain- helping in orphanage

April 12, 2016

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