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Apply for a global Intership

More than 26 global internship programs for students and professionals to choose from, with a combination of cultural learning and home stays


Get an international work exposure and a global working experience and explore your potential with our global network of companies

Intern abroad

Why intern abroad

Benefits of interning abroad


1. Make Your Resume Stand Out

An international summer internship will automatically distinguish you from other university students competing with you in the job market. Only a small percentage of students study abroad – and even fewer intern abroad - so participation in an internship overseas can give you the professional advantage you need to succeed by giving you in-demand global skills. 


2. Discover a New Country

You will be physically and culturally immersed in your host country on a much deeper level than many other types of study abroad programs can provide. Working as an intern abroad provides you with insight into foreign work environments and customs. Our in-country staff will enhance your discovery of the country and culture through planned activities and personal assistance.


3. Internships improve future work opportunities and benefits

Yes, employers love to see that a potential hire has selflessly volunteered in a foreign country. But here's the big question: what workplace skills will you have learned? In most circumstances, the soft skills learned through volunteering is not as useful as the acquired skills developed through industry-specific work. Working as an international intern gives you an insider's look into the nuts and bolts of foreign companies. This valuable insight will serve as a powerful advantage when you return to your home country. Plus, an internship shows you have work experience, even if it's for a very limited amount of time. You can parlay this into a higher position or a better set of benefits; the more you have to offer, the easier it will be to find a career that truly suits you.


4. Expand your Global Network

It is important that as you build your career, you build a circle of mentors, contacts, and friends. All of our international summer internships will give you the opportunity to make international contacts not available through a domestic internship experience. Not only will your internship supervisor be able to comment on your work ethic and skill level, but they might also become a valuable contact for future job networking. The connections that you discover as you intern abroad are up to you!


5. Improve your Language Skills or Learn a New Language

Due to a global economy, many companies are either already doing international business or are seeking to expand overseas. One of the most important global skills employers are seeking is foreign language ability. Your ability to speak multiple languages will make you more marketable to future employers.


6. Grow your ‘Soft Skills’

Employers often comment that graduates who come straight from university lack interpersonal or 'soft skills' - meaning they have difficulty interacting with people in a work setting. Our intern abroad programs allow you to prove you can bridge cultural and language barriers to successfully work with others. You will be faced with small challenges every day pertaining to communication barriers and understanding various points of view from a cultural perspective. At the end of your internship placement, you will have learned how to communicate in a global work environment, which is a highly transferable work skill.


7. Gain Confidence

Our alumni often speak of the confidence they gained during their internship abroad. You will grow in your independence and self-reliance throughout your semester or summer internships program, giving you the confidence to take on greater challenges in your future career.


8. Prove You Can Take the Initiative

By undertaking an internship abroad, you will show future employers that you are the kind of person who makes opportunities for yourself rather than waiting for something to happen. Employers rank confidence, interpersonal skills, and initiative as three of the most important attributes for employment.


9. Develop A Global Perspective and Understanding

You will gain a much broader view of current events as well as topics within your own field of study. This will help you to view future challenges differently and solve problems from a different perspective.


10. Learn about Yourself and Discover Your Personal Brand

Just like a corporation, you need a strong brand and personal story that tells people who you are and why they would benefit from your association. This is particularly true from a professional perspective. Before you can create and communicate your personal brand, you will need to invest in self-discovery. A semester or summer internship abroad will give you the opportunity to test a career path, give you interesting stories to share, and offer you the space and time to think about your values and unique characteristics that shape who you are. By the design of our programs and with the assistance of our staff, interning abroad will also help you through this discovery process.


Need another reason to go - How about this one: It’s An Experience You Will Never Forget

We know that your overseas work experience is not just about adding a new section to your resume. Living and working abroad is filled with exciting new sights, people, and experiences. You will discover a new way of life and make friends that you will have for a lifetime. Your global experience is just a click away!

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