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Benefits from volunteer abroad?

Frances Meegan, a Careers Advisor at the University of Cambridge’s Careers Service, says that 'unworldliness' is a complaint she hears regularly from recruiters across a range of sectors. Employers, she says, are often 'shocked by the naivety' of applicants, and a successful period of overseas volunteering can be a good way of showing you’re not someone who needs to be nannied.

Hands-on volunteering experience can also help you to establish your interests and career goals more clearly. Frances reports seeing many students who simply want to 'help'. Time spent in the field will enable you to determine more exactly how you could contribute.

The major benefits from volunteer abroad can be depicted as below;

  • Real sense of global society

  • Real sense of global issues

  • Development of self confidence

  • Development of decision making power

  • It increases your employ ability

  • Develop your vision towards things

  • Openness development

  • Create a possibility to overcome of fears

  • It shows you, how lucky you are

  • Help in making global friends

so, these ares some of the benefits but there is a huge list of volunteering benefits that we have seen in our past and current volunteers. So don't just sit, try volunteer abroad. Make your ordinary journey to a 'Meaningful journey'

Thanks and good bye!


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