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Volunteering and Culture exchange together?

Well! Quite important aspect to know before choosing a volunteer abroad program. The students and youth who love to do volunteer abroad they should know what other learning opportunities they are getting inclusive of their program. Because through volunteer you can connect to the projects, children, women, adults, elderly, animals or any other beneficiary, but till you don't know why, how and who are the responsible for the conditions?

Aii programs are inbuilt with cultural activities and knowledge sessions inclusive of all volunteer abroad program. During the volunteer abroad program you will be engaged in cultural activities, sessions on the nation's education systems their faults and the solutions etc. Like in India, you will be a part of local Indian dress workshop, yoga workshop, cooking workshop, henna painting, rangoli making and the logic behind all this. On the other side of learning you will get to know the Indian education system, marriage ceremonies, castes, issues, tabboos and a lot more to know the country by its root.

Once you know the major aspects of the country and its people by engagement in all the activities you will feel more connected to the projects and your hard work will get sustainable results. For applying to any volunteer abroad project, you can write to and can register yopurself to know about the upcoming volunteer opportunities at!register-as-a-volunteer/njce3

Thanks and have a great day ahead!

Rahul Gupta


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