Teach as a volunteer in India!

If you are willing to work as an assistant teacher and want to gain real teaching experience while working for global education mission of Aii group, you can start your meaningful journey to India!

Is it for me?

Yes, if you are enthusiastic towards education, literacy and think about the overall development of kids on a global scale, this project is for you. If just need to be sure that you have a plan to establish that suits the needs of the project and it can be discussed with our team before arrival to India.

What I am supposed to do as an assistant teacher?

It is a crucial role to play while you are working as an assistant teacher because the students overlook you to learn and follow your actions. The work of an assistant teacher would be as follows:

  1. Understanding the academic syllabus of the students

  2. Finding the interactive ways to teach the current syllabus

  3. Add new interesting topics to teach the kids

  4. Helping the slow learners in a way that they can be on the same level as the class

  5. If you have subject related expertise, you can come-up with new ideas to teach

  6. Global education issues and knowledge

  7. Art and craft

  8. Music and dance

  9. Outdoor and indoor games

  10. Healthy living and habits

  11. Moral education

  12. Computers education

  13. Foreign language

  14. Other ideas you can come-up with

What duration I can come?

The duration of working as a volunteer depends on your schedule. We prefer the volunteer who can come for at-least 04 weeks. So that we can design a project plan and can work on it to see visible results.

If you have less time like 02 weeks, you can be helpful in smaller tasks teachings. Like computer education, art and craft, Indoor games and outdoor games etc.