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Eine einzigartige Art, im Ausland zu reisen und zu arbeiten

Praktikum im Ausland


Get International work experience by joining the local Import-Export firm/company in India. Explore and learn the Indian way of working in Import/Export. Introduce new skills & ways of working during your internship program. Join a leading Import-export company in India to learn & to have hands-on experience on International trade practices. Get a link to start your own career or setup your own business after understanding the nature of the trade.

Job Description: 

  • Handing shipping documents timely and accurately.

  • Made and inspected for import shipping documents.

  • Received, filled, and transferred “Purchase Order”, “Packing List” to related Dept.

  • Reported Import status and cost upon shipping done.

  • Monitored payment for the suppliers.

  • Made material balance for Processing Contracts.

  • Made, reported, and filled “Expense for Import”, “Import monthly status”.

  • Arranged and made Liquidation sheet of the contract with Customs

  • Prepared export-import documents (Such as I/V, P/L, C/O, B/L, and other client-required documents)

  • Done customs procedures

  • Kept contact directly with suppliers to tackle export-import tasks done

  • Other assigned work.

  • Assisted manager to prepare material balance every quarter to submit to the customs office.

Features of the Internship Program
  • Placement Organization/Company: Import Export Companies in Cloths, Rugs, Jewellery etc.

  • Program Length: 01 Month to 12 Months

  • Working Days (Weekly): 05 days in a week (Monday to Friday)

  • Working Hours (Daily): 05 to 06 hours (In a day)

  • Eligibility to Apply: Open for all to Apply

  • Available Places: 05

  • Stipends: 2000₹- 8000₹

Are you ready for the Import Export Internship Experience Abroad?
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