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Why volunteer in India?

Let's check out the reasons that why you should choose India as a volunteer abroad destination.

India is a huge country and second largest country in population as we all know. We are quite aware about the growing economy, infrastructure, transportation, Information technology, medical advancements, heritage and travel destinations, fashion and bollywood, scientists and ISRO, PM Narendra modi, export, gems and jewellery and hundreds of other finest reasons, India is famous for. Being an Indian if we talk about all these factors those are described above are limited to urban citizens.

In India there is a huge contrast between BPL (Below poverty line) citizens and ARL (Above richest line). If we divide into two major segments, then it would be Urban (that is only 30%) and rural (70%). Even in this urban of 30%, the 30% of it is considered to be a slum or bpl residential areas where we even can't find clear water to drink, hygenic place to live, no education, no health at all. The government is doing very well to provide the basic living facilities in rural India and slums in cities. But it will time as the population is too much for this country.

How our volunteer abroad program in India is helping this marginalized section?

Aii's volunteer abroad programs are associated with the NGOs, people's body, VOs, government organizations those are working in these areas to provide shelter for the orphans, education for the il/semi literates, empowering the women, caring for the animals, building and repairing their homes, providing health care and health education in slums. So basically as we know the issue and beneficiary is too big and helping hands are in shortage, so here the role of a volunteer comes. The volunteers are required to support, initiate and help in the programs are running by Aii and the association of the organizations for overall development of these areas.

When a volunteer applies for any volunteer abroad program in India, a detailed orientation session is organized to aware them about the issue and their role as a solution. Hence the equation is solved. With Aii's volunteer abroad in India program will give you a platform to learn about the social issues, to develop your leadership abilities as a solution and it also will develop your overall personality as an individual. Volunteer in India with Aii can place you in orphanages, schools, special kids care centers, animal care centers, girls orphanages, women empowerment and elephant care and conservation programs. So don't just wait for time to come, let's do it today. Apply for a volunteer placement in India and be a global member of volunteer abroad community.

For any queries or suggestions on this topic please write to the auther Mr. Rahul Gupta (Founder of Aii) at

Thanks & regards

Aii team

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