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Nepal Volunteer Program


Kathmandu, Nepal

The monks teaching project is situated in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The monks are from different age groups and come from different rural and remote areas of Nepal. The volunteers have to make a schedule to teach them according to their current level of knowledge. The first 2-3 days can be worked as an observer and then make a plan with the local team and then initiate it. Here are around 32 monks from 6-15 age groups. The teaching can be of English subject, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Sports education, Computer teaching etc.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Teach in Nepal project runs in Kathmandu valley. The volunteers will work in a school, that was developed to provide free or near to free education to the children belongs to below poverty line. The volunteers can help in teaching general subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computers. Also can help the slow learners, problem solving, art & craft, new ways of learning, development of world, new technologies in world. You also can introduce new initiates that are happening in world. Show them a new way to thinking to develop.


Kathmandu, Nepal

There are three orphanages in Kathmandu in which our volunteers generally work. all the orphanages are situated in Kathmandu valley. The volunteers have to be so lovable, caring and supportive because these children doesn't have their parents and they expect affection, love and care from the people who visit them and work for them including volunteers as well. Be extra cautious when caring a very young kid of some months. Tasks related to infants care are also a part of activities of volunteers.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteers play a very vital role in these special projects related with elderly people. The center for care of Elderly is trying to provide love, affection, proper care to these destitute people who are left out from their families. The volunteers will help the local staff in taking care of the daily needs of the beneficiaries. The tasks are mostly physical and fun-filled so that they can feel alive and wanted.

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