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Why to choose AII Group?

Thoroughly chosen projects in India

Unless you know the needs of the projects, you won’t be able to meet the expectations and cover the needs of the organization. Aii Group analyses the needs of each program that we undertake to make sure there is minimum redundancy and each volunteer/ intern serves the right cause-to make a difference and gain experience. We take into consideration the safety and security of our foreign participants but meantime we do our best to work with the most vulnerable layer of the society (slums, rural areas).

  • Preliminary preparation

Based on each volunteers’ skills and expertise Aii Group makes sure to cover the lacks in the social field of India. From the first day of your signing up to the project, we communicate with you to understand your skills and to make a tentative plan of activities with your guidance. Once you land to India, you will have an observation visit to the project after which a thorough project plan is being prepared by the participant and confirmed by the Program Head. Flexibility is needed in the project plan, however preliminary preparation helps save time for the needs assessment and ensures that less time is spent on adjusting to the Indian reality. Thus, you will never have a feeling that you didn’t know what to expect from your project or you could not meet the goals set.

  • Funding to support local organizations

Aii Group is not charging volunteering program placement fee or application fee from the participants, however, we include partial funding as a support for local organizations. Why partial and why not full support? Aii Group is not a charity organization and we are covering all the logistics cost of the participants including pick up and drop, accommodation and food, 24/7 support, administrative costs of our employees, cultural workshops and activities through the volunteering fee paid by the volunteers. Due to the fact that we are not a charity organization, we do not receive sponsorship, donations and grants, that’s the reason we charge this fee for the services provided. However, each project has a specific need and we include an average amount of donation in each volunteer’s program cost to later on pass to the project as an in-kind donation (resources, materials, various items). Any donation to the project from the participants’ side is being done directly to the project beneficiaries, also informing Aii Group so that we do the monitoring on how the funds were utilized. WE CARE FOR YOUR DONATION TO SERVE THE NEED AS YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS ARE THE BIGGEST DONATION FOR US!

  • Project coordinator support

Language barrier, cultural differences, cultural shock may become a challenge for volunteers to fulfill their potential in a short while. To escape this issue and not to let our participants cope with the issues alone, we assign project coordinators to help the volunteers on weekly bases. This way each volunteer can address immediate concerns to the project coordinator or Program Head who is Aii Group affiliated and will maintain neutrality while solving any problem.

  • Safety and Security

Aii Group is the receiving party for all the participants volunteering/interning in the affiliated organizations and we are there to take the liability of your safety and security. We ensure emergency support as we have a residential staff available in the Volunteer Camp 24/7 and we treat each of our participant as a family member of Aii Group.

  • Cultural exposure

Aii Group doesn’t support volunteer tourism as we see the negative side of it-volunteering is not being taken seriously, younger people sometimes volunteer for the sake of saying they have the experience. We support serious dedicated and targeted voluntary work which will expose you to the local Indian culture, through which you will know more about Indian society, its customs and traditions. So no fun and no travel? FUN AND TRIPS are definitely there! In the evenings once projects are completed, Aii Group organizes cultural workshops (Indian dances, cooking, Indian dress workshops, Yoga classes, Rangoli and puppet making seminars, Hindi classes) to which you can join on voluntary bases. Furthermore, weekends are there to travel and enjoy sightseeing for which we are again ready to assist you to get the safest most convenient means of travel.

Looking forward to meeting each of you in Jaipur!

Best Wishes,

From an Armenian soul settled in India!

Hasmik Ghalechyan

Head of Programs


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